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Latest Knews: on 1/1/2000

Scribe's Scribble

Hey Alpha, here's your weekly update!

Upcoming Events:

  1. Singing - Thurs, Nov 6, 5:45pm, Meet at Ponsai
  2. Football Game vs, Chi at 9pm on Tues Sept 21
  3. Football Game vs. Psi at 9pm on Thurs Sept 23
  4. Alpha Chipotle Fundraiser - Sat, Sept 25, 5pm-9pm, Chipotle on Broadway
  5. Alpha Build Day, Sun, Sept 26th 1:30pm-5:30pm, Josh Bailey's House
  6. Banquet - Sat, October 30th, 7pm, HSH 208 - $10 for food, and drinks. casual dress

Important Info:

  1. Old Member Dues are $45. New Member Dues are $30.Please Pay them at:
  2. Construction has begun on the Homecoming Project. Be watching for announcements.
  3. Send possible Merch designs to Alex.

Last updated 9/19/2021

Monarch's Message

Testing the morarch's message --Ian Robison (10/8/2021)
Last updated 10/8/2021